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In our current day and age, having a cellphone is expected. If you're on a budget and still want a phone, come to K&D Wireless Selma for affordable prepaid wireless plans. Prepaid plans are a great option because you don't have to commit to a costly plan. Visit us today to get an affordable prepaid phone in Selma, AL.

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Along with providing affordable prepaid phones, we also offer convenient money transferring and truck rental services. Come to us for:

  1. Prepaid phone sales - pay based on your budget
  2. Cellular financing plans - pay over the course of three or 12 months
  3. Low-income cellular plans - see if you qualify for $30 or more off each month
  4. MoneyGram services - transfer money between countries
  5. UHaul rentals - rent a truck when you need to move

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If you qualify for a low-income phone plan, you can get a phone and plan completely for free. There is no activation fee. You can even pick from top cellphone brands like Apple and Samsung. Contact us today with any questions about affordable prepaid wireless plans.